Why Do Dogs Fart?

Why Do Dogs Fart?

Why Do Dogs Fart?

Alright, so I used the F word. Seriously, though – why DO dogs fart? And people. And cows, with all their methane production cluttering up the ozone thingy mabob. What the heck? Let’s look. And stay tuned for a video of my duck, Jimmy, farting. Today’s post is gently recycled, for maximum fart powered humor.

So dogs do fart. We’re all clear on that one. If you’ve been in the room (you know you have), you know that a dog’s gas can peel the paint off walls, take off the late Tammy Faye’s eye makeup, fuel a space shuttle. Heavens, dog farts are bad. Our first Aussie, Clee-o, would fart, look at her rear end, then leave the room, as though she’d offended herself. We’d all scatter in different directions, shouting at the dog.

Doing a little research, here’s the technical skinny of farting, from Dog Breed Info:

Flatulence is caused whenย bacteria in the digestive tract break down food items producing gas.

Yeah, yeah – but where does that nasty bacteria come from?

Soy beans are loaded with proteins that can be hard to digest, producing a lot of gas in the dog’s digestive tract.

Soy? Really? Maybe I should watch my own soy intake. Just sayin’. Another site says low-grade meats and dog food will cause gas in a dog, which I totally believe. Eating a lot all at once will do it, too. Another site explains that the cereal content in low-grade dog foods causes constipation, which causes gas production. That, too, makes sense.

Get It Out!

Exercise makes a difference for dogs. Get the bowels moving by getting the legs moving, thus working the gas out. While OUTSIDE. Yay! All the smell in the great outdoors! Eating Jones Natural Chews can only help, since it’s all natural and made of great quality meats.

Unlike this poor iguana, who farts in a tub:

Yeah. That’s funny stuff.

So what have we learned? Good quality food plus exercise makes for less dog farting, or at least less stink in those farts. It applies to people, too, quite frankly. When I went totally vegan for half a year (and this is initially a TMI cautionary tale), the smell is worse in the beginning, as the body flushes the toxins, then the smell virtually disappears. I can only imagine that the same would be true for dogs when switching from cheap food to better quality.

Why do dogs fart? It's not to get to the other side!
Not only does this dog, Flash, fart, he belches! And isn’t his natural mustache the cutest thing ever? Very Inspector Clouseau.

Ducks Fart, Too

Now, I have been video recording Jimmy in the pool for DAYS, trying to catch him farting. Seriously. I only have so much space on my phone, so I record a couple of minutes, then erase. Yesterday I managed to catch it on film, but my boy walked out and started talking just as I hit record. Pay attention. Turn up your volume. He really does fart.



Speaking of things which shouldn’t make your dog fart, have you entered the giveaway from Jones Natural Chews? Our brand new Stuffed Hooves are going to make some lucky dog very happy! Hopefully it will be YOUR dog! To enter to win, simply click this sentence, leave a comment on the new post which opens, click the giveaway box, then click I Commented! The tweet about it, please? That adds points for you, and it makes my boss smile. Treat your dog to happiness!

Spreading the good chews …


21 thoughts on “Why Do Dogs Fart?

  1. BOL! I hates to disprove your information BUT I eat very good dog food, very good homemade meals and treats, and my SILENT farts will clear the room in a hurry! One time we was travelling and they actually had to pull over the car and get out! Mama can’t find the cause – it just happens random like ๐Ÿ™

    I love your Petey!!! Wish we had a duck!
    Kirby the Dorkie recently posted..Once Upon A TimeMy Profile

  2. Blueberry very seldom has those silent but deadly moments – but usually it’s when I’ve given her something out of the ordinary or she’s eaten something rancid on one of our walks. I try not to make a fuss out of it – but man, she can definitely be toxic. I guess just like “Everybody Poops”, everybody farts too! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Blueberry’s human recently posted..Thoughtful ThursdayMy Profile

  3. Sometimes it is allergies. My Lady ate high quality food but was very stinky. When I switched to a grain free food out of desperation, it solved the problem.

  4. LOL! I’ve had a dog fart, then suddenly run away in fright from the noise he made. I’ve also had a dog that did one of those silent but deadly ones but didn’t notice. She smelled it the air and started sniffing until she found the source was her own behind!!! I wish I had gotten that on video. ๐Ÿ˜€

    If Petey is a girl, how about changing her name to Pipi, Pearlie, Penny, Peony, or Petunia?

  5. Hilarious! Our current dogs don’t ever seem to notice when they fart. Weird. We all notice, though. ๐Ÿ™‚ And Petey will be Petra if it’s a girl. I had no real say in the naming this time.
    Flea recently posted..Planning For a PuppyMy Profile

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