Wordless Wednesday, Agility

Wordless Wednesday, Agility

Today’s Wordless Wednesday, Agility is brought to you by the letter H, for Headache. We will discuss rescue dogs and where YOU can go to adopt them tomorrow. For now? I’m loving the Wordless Wednesday cheat. Did I say cheat? I meant treat! Treat! As in Sit! Stay! Here’s a treat! Until tomorrow, here are some gorgeous dogs I shot at an agility trial a couple of years ago. And a couple of wee ceramic bovines.

The Cows
Fred and Bessie made sure to get good seats at the agility trials, away from any bouncy dogs who might herd or break them.


This little guy was the most adorable thing – is he a Corgi? I’ve forgotten, but he appears to be.
Wordless Wednesday, Agility
Beauty in motion


Border Collie
I have a soft spot for the herding dogs


The Old Man
Winston’s an old man, but he can still run


Boston Terrier with Fred and Bessie


What kind of dog is this?
Y’all, I have no idea what kind of dog this is. Help?


Pretty Boston Loves Mama
Somebody just got a treat!


Australian Shepherds Agility
Seriously two of the prettiest dogs at the trial *sigh*


Dalmatian and Bovines
YESSSSS! A spotty Dalmatian!


Shetland Collie
My aunt had Shelties for years. Tiny little collies!


Border Collie Tube
Lookit ‘im go! Run, Border Collie, run!


Aussie Cattle
What kind of dog is this? Is it a cattle dog of some sort? It’s gorgeous.


Agility Schnauzer
Schnauzers are such intelligent beauties


Running Golden
Go, Golden, Go!!!


Dalmatian in Motion
Higher! Jump higher!


So many gorgeous, talented dogs. So many dedicated, disciplined trainers. Hundreds of photos to choose from. I can’t WAIT till the next agility trial comes to town!

Until I write again …



7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday, Agility

  1. Looks like a great, diverse group of talented doggies. I would love to get my boys involved in agility. We have a tunnel and jump at home that we play with.

  2. A few years ago, Premium Edge had a “weight loss” as well “weight management” klbibe.Look at bags for caloric values. You can also lower the amount you feed, and add some green beans, a spoon of pumpkin to make the dog feel more “full”

  3. some of the premium brdans, Hills, Royal Canin sell light’ versions, give the dog 20 % less than the rec. amount. you should always be able to see / feel a dogs ribs through its fur

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